Ria Ria Cph is a Danish luxury brand with a focus on creating coveted and timeless styles in their colorful knitwear designs. The company is founded by co-founder Cecilie and her family back in 2021. Back then, Ria Ria was only swimwear.

in 2023, Ria Ria Cph will launch their first clothing line with a focus on making and designing clothes that are both trendy and timeless.

Based in Copenhagen, Ria Ria Cph has been shown in collaboration with influencers such as Philine Roepstorff, Maria Kragmann, Josefine hj and Sandra Willer to name a few.


You are always welcome to contact us. You can do this on our social media @riariacph or our email info@riaria.dk. We are ready to help you!