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One Size

Crafted with care, our One Size swimwear begins its journey as material woven into a tube, before being stitched into swimwear. This method makes the final product versatile enough to fit sizes 32-42. It’s designed specifically to adapt seamlessly to all bodies. Whether it’s a matter of size, fit or the changing shapes of pregnant and postpartum women, thanks to its remarkably flexible material.

Care Instructions
  • 90% PA 10% EA
  • Avoid contact with rough surfaces.
  • We recommend that you rinse off in cold water after being in pools and the ocean. Do not wring or rub the fabric. 
  • Hand wash with mild detergent.
  • Sunscreen, oil, lotion and chlorine can cause discoloration of this item.
  • Please follow care instructions to keep your swimwear in the best condition.
Mix & Match

We encourage the Ria Ria community to get creative with our styles. Our designs are made to be mixed and matched, and we love seeing how each look is unique to the person wearing it.


Adhering to the latest sustainability guidelines, we understand the importance of concise and authentic sustainability messaging, particularly in an industry that often finds itself at odds with environmental concerns. Striving to make responsible choices, we actively work to minimize exchanges and returns, thus reducing our environmental footprint. This being said, we know we aren’t perfect. We strive to get better every day, and we welcome critique and input from industry and consumers alike.